Triggersmart Accessories


The battery operated infrared transmitter   works with the Triggersmart Classic and Mk2 Wireless Sensor. It can be used to replace the wired infrared transmitter when it is inconvenient to run a cable to the sensor.

Pair of wired Triggersmart sensors. These may be used as additional sensors for the TS Classic or with the Mk2 version which  has a faster activation time as compared with the Mk2 Wireless Sensor.

Camera trigger cable adapters.  You will need to connect your camera to the trigger output of Triggersmart. We offer a full range of cables  that will connect to most DSLR cameras. Click on the image to select the correct cable type.


Sensor supports. The tripods are ideal for working indoors and the Stakepods are very useful for outside on uneven ground.


IR beam Alignment Aid. In some situations it may be difficult to line up the Triggersmart infrared beam.   This is a small module.  It plugs into the sensors as an aid to aligning the IR sensor beam. The bright light glows on the module when the beam is aligned.

The MP-1 is a low voltage mains powered adapter for Triggersmart Classic. It operates from 105 to 240vac. This product is for indoor use only. 

Camera  trigger & sensor cables. We offer a full range of extender cables for the trigger and sensors. Click on the image to select the cables that are required..


The  WP1 wateproof rain cover protects the sensors from adverse weather conditions.   It sits over the sensor and cable connection.  The kit is supplied in pairs.