The Triggerscout PIR is a compact passive infrared sensor (PIR) device that can be used in many photographic or video projects. It is designed to easily capture images by detecting moving body heat, subsequently triggering the camera or video device.

A wide variety of cameras and video cameras are supported, including digital and film based. The Triggerscout PIR can be connected directly to the camera’s remote trigger socket or connected to the Triggersmart MCT-1 control unit, offering the ability to tune the sensitivity of the sensors, delaying the trigger of the capture device.

The PIR sensitivity range is up to 20 metres dependent on ambient temperature conditions. State of the art technology has been used, resulting in the system being able to operate reliably under most conditions without false triggering.

The cone of sensitivity can be as little as 6°. When a warm moving body (typically wildlife) moves into the zone of detection, the PIR will activate and trigger either the camera or TriggerSmart.


  • Maximum range: Up to 20m (dependent on ambient temperature and heat signature of target)
  • Range selection: Full, 1/2 or 1/4 sensitivity
  • Trigger time: Minimum beam break to trigger time 200 ms (1/5 sec)
  • Trigger delay time: Up to 10 ms (1/100 sec)
  • Infrared cone of sensitivity: 10°/6°
  • Wavelength: 1400 nm
  • Trigger outputs: Direct to camera or via Triggersmart control unit
  • Power: 2 x AA or self-powered via Triggersmart
  • Operation time: Batteries up to 100+ hours