Sound Experiment  (Sound Mode)

This is a sound sensor experiment which shows the drawing pins being dropped, Various delay settings are used to get the best effects.

The setup is very basic as shown in the lower right right image, the module  to the right is the Wireless Multi Sensor set to the SOUND mode. When the tacks are dropped the sound of the tacks hitting the base will start the sequence. 

The WMS will send a wireless signal to the DC2 Controller, which will trigger the camera after the delay time.  Here 2 shots were taken with different delay times. The left is 20mS and the right is 1mS delay. 

In practice the Sensor will pick up th first tack to hit the base. The camera shutter will have a delay which will vary dependant on the camera settings and camera model.

In this sequence to reduce the delay the auto-focus and image stabilisation was OFF and the mirror was up.  Other techniques can be employed to eliminate the delay totally,such as using the camera 'B' mode with an open flash.


Falling Push Pins 1
Falling push pins 2
The set up Sound Experiment


Camera              - Canon 6D

Lens                   - Tamron 90mm Macro

Focus and IS     -  Manual

Mode                 - AV

ISO                   - 100

Drive                 - Single shot

Mirror lockup    - Enabled

Shutter lag       - Estmated 30 milliseconds

Flash                 -  Canon ring flash


Controller           - DC2 digital controller

Delay                  -  As above

Trigger time       - 0.2 seconds

Mode                  - Auto

Link from WMS  - Wireless

Sensor              -  Wireless Multi Sensor (WMS)

Mode                 -  Sound(SND)