TriggerSmart Mk1 Kit

The TriggerSmart Mk1 is a smart way to trigger your camera using light, sound and motion, that is affordable to most budgets.

The TriggerSmart is designed to easily capture images using many different ways to trigger a camera using sound, light intensity, infrared beam breaking and movement.  A great variety of stills and video cameras can be used, digital as well as film based cameras.

The TriggerSmart Mk1 is extremely easy to use and can effortlessly adjusted to any situation required. The unit features sensitivity, delay, time and trigger mode controls such as, the option of manual or auto reload (arm) camera focus. In addition, TriggerSmart can be further enhance with an impressive and affordable range of accessories.

The system features include:-

  • Set delay time 10ms to 10 seconds
  • Set trigger (burst) time 10ms to 10 seconds
  • Sensor includes light, infrared and sound
  • Burst or one shot firing mode
  • Auto and manual trigger reset
  • Manual override focus and trigger
  • Works with other TriggerSmart products
  • Compatible with most digital cameras; and even some video cameras

Included in TriggerSmart Mk1 kit:- TriggerSmart Mk1 unit, wired sensor kit, mini tripods, trigger cables and sensor cables.

The above can be purchased as seperate items, enabling you to mix and match as required.

Although standard cables are supplied, occasionally you may need to purchase an additional trigger adapter depending on your camera model. Check your camera model.

Compatible with TriggerSmart Mk1 and Accessories



Wired Sensor Kit

Battery IR Transmitter

Rain Cover


Trigger Cables

Cable Adapters

Sensor Cables

TriggerSmart Mk1 Kit
Glass smashing freeze photography
Baloon explodes TriggerSmart activates
Birds captured mid-flight
Coin dropping into water
Exploding Henry
Glass water dance trigger by noise